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Lymphatic Drainage therapies. RLD

Lymphatic drainage therapies

The lymphatic drainage system plays a really important role. Made up of channels and nodes, it helps to remove toxins and waste from our body. It can also help with inflammation which is often associated with auto immune conditions such as thyroid, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Lymph is pumped around the system and then filtered through to the circulatory system and removed. Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic drainage system doesn't have a pump (heart) therefore it is reliant on manual movement like exercise, movement and manual massage.
The lymphatic drainage system can often be compromised, due to illness such as lymphoedema, medical conditions, pregnancy, lack of exercise or movement, injury and surgery such as lymph node removal or recovery from surgery. Symptoms can include oedema or fluid retention, fatigue, nausea, pain, headaches, a sense of feeling unwell.

Lymphatic Drainage therapies. tummy lady

Digestive system and the abdominal area

Bloating, wind, cramping, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea and back pain are symptoms that may suggest your digestive system is not working as it should be and your abdominal area, which houses many of the pelvic organs, maybe compromised. The digestive system can be compromised due to nutritional reasons but it can also be affected by poor posture, pregnancy, previous surgery, scarring, physical demands and stress.

I am currently studying my level 5 professional nutrition diploma. I am also an accredited Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage practitioner. I have written a number of self help sheets to help you. Please visit the Self help page or please drop me a message.

Lymphatic treatments

*Manual lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment uses small, light, pumping movements to help manually stimulate the lymphatic system. It can be used to help with a specific area for example someone who has had recent surgery, pregnant or has a medical conditional such as lymphoedema. Or it can be a full body treatment to help clear, reduce inflammation and give everything a boost. This would suit someone who is experiencing fatigue, generally feeling unwell or reoccurring illness such as shingles, colds etc. Someone who has an inflammatory or autoimmune condition. Allow 30mins - £35 60mins - £50

* Soft silicone cup lymphatic massage - This full body treatment uses soft silicone cups to draw from the tissues to help clear excess fluid often caused by injury or over use. This is a very deep massage. Allow 60mins - £50

* Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage. I am proud to say that I am an accredited RLD practitioner. This wonderful technique was researched and developed by the wonderful Sally Kay. Initially to support breast cancer clients who had had lymph node removal and experienced secondary lymphoedema. I now use this technique on lots of different clients not just those who have battled breast cancer. Using the tradition feet reflexology method this treatment stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce fluid retention, inflammation and symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. Allow 50mins £40

Digestive treatments

* Abdominal sacral massage - We hold a lot of emotion in our gut, some believe its where are 2nd brain sits. The symptoms we experience especially abdominal discomfort are believed to be a response to stress and emotion. The abdominal sacral massage combines abdominal massage with sacral (lower back) massage to help release the physical and mental tension held with the abdominal area. Allow 60mins - £50

* Digestive reflexology - Using the traditional foot method this treatment concentrates on the lymphatic and digestive 'reflexes' helping to sudate / stimulate the digestive system and also calm and reduce inflammation. Allow 50mins - £40

Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift. They can be purchased for a monetary amount or a specific treatment. Drop me an email to purchase.

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