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Relaxation is imperative for our bodies to function properly. When we are stressed or on high alert we release adrenaline. This can cause many side effects including heart palpitations, nausea, exhaustion, it prevents our body systems working properly as it diverts our blood flow to the limbs and away from the body such as reproductive and digestive system, it can also affect our weight by releasing sugar (energy) when its not needed. We also need between 7-9hrs of sleep / rest as its during this time our body repairs itself. Relaxation can come in many forms including mediation, low impact exercise such as yoga and tai chi, massage and reflexology.

Relaxing treatments

* Relaxing aromatherapy massage - This lovely massage combines Swedish and relaxing massage technique to provide this wonderful massage. Available as a 30min back, neck and shoulder or an indulgent 60min full body massage - 30mins £35 60mins - £50

* Abdominal sacral massage - We hold a lot of emotion in our gut, some believe its where are 2nd brain sits. The symptoms we experience especially abdominal discomfort are believed to be a response to stress and emotion. The abdominal sacral massage combines abdominal massage with sacral (lower back) massage to help release the physical and mental tension held with the abdominal area. Allow 60mins - £50

* Relaxing and rebalancing reflexology - Using the traditional reflexology method where the treatment is done on the feet this treatment concentrates on the endocrine system and the areas of relaxation. Providing a deep relaxing treatment alongside the rebalancing of your mind and body. Allow 50mins - £40

* Combination treatment - Cant decide which treatment to have. This treatment combines the best of both - 30min massage and 30min reflexology - Allow 60mins £50

* 1:1 relaxation sessions - I am trained yoga teacher - Please drop me a message for further details

Relaxing and restoring therapies. gym


Restoring our body to its 'normal' form is also very important. Our bodies are often compromised, this being evident through pain, discomfort, injury or the bodies inability to work properly. Continuous use of the same muscles or ligament - Repetitive Strain Injury, sportsmen and women pushing their bodies, physically demanding jobs, injury, surgery and medical conditions can all affect our bodies ability to function properly and to remain 'restored'

I am also a qualified yoga teacher and I have written a number of self help sheets and made a number of self help videos / audio to support you with relaxation and restoring your body. Please visit the Self help page or please drop me a message.

Restoring treatments

* Swedish massage - A firm massage to help release tension from the body. Ideal for a general or maintenance massage. Allow 30mins - £30 / 60mins - £45

* Upper body massage- Tension relieving massage concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face - Allow 60mins - £50

* Upper body massage - Tension relieving massage concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face - Allow 60mins - £50

* Myofascia release massage - helps to stretch and release the connective tissue which supports the muscles, this in turn can then help to release the tension in the muscles. Perfect for reoccurring tightness in specific muscles, repetitive strain or pre or post event / exercise. Concentrating on 1 or more specific areas, tailormade to your specific needs. Allow 30mins £35 / 60mins - £50

* Soft silicone cup therapy - This deep tissue treatment uses positive pressure (drawing up) as oppose to the traditional massage method of negative pressure ( pushing down) The soft silicone cups use suction to go deep into the tissue, helping to then draw to the surface. Great for working stubborn areas. Unlike traditional cupping this treatment doesn't use heat to create suction, therefore any unsightly are reduced. Allow 30mins - £40 / 60mins - £50

* Traditional reflexology - Using the traditional reflexology method where the treatment is done on the feet this treatments works specifically with your symptoms. Whether you have symptoms associated with a specific condition or illness , you experience headaches, muscular pain, fatigue, mentally low then this treatment may help. Allow 50mins - £40

* Spinal reflexology - Using the traditional reflexology method where the treatment is done on the feet this concentrates on the areas associated with spine including spine, pelvis and hips. This treatment is great for those who need more intricate work on specific areas, areas that are too painful for direct physical touch, nerve pain such as sciatica or pelvic conditions such as SPD and PGP - Allow 50mins -£40

Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift. They can be purchased for a monetary amount or a specific treatment. Drop me an email to purchase.

For further information or to book

If you would like to book or if you require further information please email [email protected] , text / call 07752851047 or visit facebook

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