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Massage therapy

Having regular massage can carry many benefits including:
- Promoting physical and mental wellbeing
- Aid sleep
- Increased mobility to joints
- Reduction in stress levels
- Stimulation of lymphatic drainage system
- Increase circulation

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a firm but relaxing massage . Helping to release tension, increase mobility to the area and relieve pain associated with poor posture and tension build up.

30 minutes -£30 / 60 minutes £45 or block of 6 - 10% discount

Hotstone massage

This relaxing massage uses hot stones to provide a warming, detoxifying and deeper massage. Perfect for relaxation or working on stubborn areas that need a deeper treatment.

30 minutes -£40 / 60 minutes £50 or block of 6 10% discount

Manual lymphatic drainage massage

This full body massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system this gentle, repetitive massage will help to promote general wellbeing but it may also provide relief from lymphatic disorders including lymphoedema and lipoedema, it may also help with symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, ME and fibromyalgia and also those with a low immune system .

60minutes - £50 or block of 6 - 10% discount

Myofascial release massage

Myofascial release massage helps to stretch and release the connective tissue which supports the muscles, this in turn can then help to release the tension in the muscles. Perfect for reoccurring tightness in specific muscles, repetitive strain or pre or post event / exercise.

This treatment works on 1 or more specific areas, tailormade to your specific needs. 30mins £35 / 60mins - £50 or block of 6 - 10% discount

Soft cup therapy

This deep tissue treatment uses positive pressure (drawing up) as oppose to the traditional massage method of negative pressure ( pushing down) The soft silicone cups use suction to go deep into the tissue, helping to then draw to the surface. Unlike traditional cupping this treatment will not leave unsightly circles after your treatment.

30mins - £40 / 60mins - £50 or block of 6 10% discount

Pregnancy massage

This lovely relaxing massage is done on the side to accommodate your growing bump. Combing Swedish and relaxation techniques to help release tension, increase mobility, help ease common aches and pains during pregnancy and to help you relax. Every expectant mummy deserves a treat. Suitable from 12 weeks up to and past our due date.

30mins £30 / 60mins - £45 or block of 6 - 10% discount

Postnatal massage

The perfect pamper to ease away those aches and pains after having your baby. Using massage medium that is safe for breastfeeding. Don't forget we are a baby friendly business. This means your baby can come with you to your treatment.

30mins - £35 / 60mins - £45 or block of 6 -10% discount

Book an appointment

Appointments are offered Monday - Saturday with extended hours on a Wednesday and Friday

To book an appointment please call 07798 588118, email [email protected] or complete the contact form.

If you book an appointment and can no longer attend that is absolutely fine. I ask if you can give me a minimum of 24hrs notice otherwise full payment is required.

Payment / cancellation policy

We accept cash or card payments.

I require a minimum of 24hrs notice otherwise payment will be required in full for your treatment.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make the perfect gift for friends or loved ones. They are available as either a monetary amount starting at £5 or a specific treatment or class. Gift vouchers are emailed so you no longer need to be local to purchase them. Gift vouchers are valid for 6mths. Please email [email protected] to purchase a gift voucher

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