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Reproductive therapies

Our reproductive system's main function is to allow us to reproduce, to have children. Often its a system we may take for granted, a system that is often neglected and can be the one that is often for gone against others as its not ' a necessity' for our body to function.
During our lifecycle our female reproductive system can cause us to experiences many things, whether it be painful and heavy periods in our early teens, a hormone imbalance after having a child, headaches during specific times of our cycle or hot flushes during the menopause. These symptoms can be disruptive, painful, debilitating and sometimes embarrassing.

At Lavender Blue I use reproductive reflexology and abdominal massage to help ease symptoms associated with reproductive conditions and your reproductive cycle.

* Reproductive reflexology - Allow 50mins - £40
* Abdominal massage - Allow 60mins - £50

Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift. They can be purchased for a monetary amount or a specific treatment. Drop me an email to purchase.

Reproductive therapies. fertility


Starting or extending a family is such a special time but unfortunately 1 in 5 couples will have trouble conceiving within the first 12mths and 1 in 5 will experience miscarriage. Often we assume there is something wrong with ourselves or our partners, however it is not just medical conditions that can affect fertility. Lifestyle, stress levels, sleep patterns, diet, excessive exercise, previous experiences, contraception, hormone imbalance, inflammation, medication and timing are all things that can affect conception.

I use reflexology and massage to help enhance fertility and support you on your journey. I am an accredited reproductive reflexologist, I am also a qualified yoga and antenatal teacher and currently studying my level 5 nutrition diploma.

Reproductive therapies. ARR

What to expect

In the first instance I would like to invite you to a consultation. The consultation is really important as it allows us, together to explore things that may be affecting conception. There are so many things that can affect fertility that don't need medical intervention.
During the consultation we will explore lifestyle, diet, nutrition, medical history, fertility journey so far, any tests and charting.
After the consultation I will send you my recommendations which will include what we have discussed, and further tests and a treatment plan. You may find that all you needed was some reassurance. Alternatively we decide that you or / and your partner will benefit from reflexology and / or massage. Each treatment plan is specific to you and your needs. The reflexology protocols differ for specific conditions or needs, its not one fits all. For example someone who has high stress levels will have a different plan and treatment frequency, to someone who has PCOs and again someone who has endometriosis.

Consultation allow approx. 75mins - £50
Treatment allow 50mins which includes chart review and treatment - £40
1:1 relaxation sessions - Please drop me a message for further details

Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift. They can be purchased for a monetary amount or a specific treatment. Drop me an email to purchase.

Supporting IVF

Reproductive reflexology can also be used to support an assisted or medical cycle and can also be used to support donors.

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