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Pregnancy is a very special time for many and really quite incredible as your body adapts to support your growing baby.
Usually split into 4 trimesters, 3 whilst you are pregnant and 4th is the immediate period after birth, or referred to as the postnatal period. During this time you may experience various physical and mental symptoms:

Pregnancy & Postnatal therapies. preg friends

Trimester 1 & 2

Trimester 1 ( first 13 weeks) Normally during this time you will find out that you are pregnant. You feel excited, surprised, anxious, scared you may even doubt yourself, all these emotions are normal. You body and ligaments will slowly begin to stretch so you may feel craps or even lower back pain, as your body excepts your new baby. Sickness, nausea, fatigue and headaches are the common symptoms during this time , this being due to an increase and change in hormones and also where the placenta has yet to fully form so your baby is taking your nutrients. These are all important changes as they are preparing your body to help grow your baby.

Trimester 2 (14 - 28 weeks)The placenta has now started to work, taking the pressure off your body. If you experienced any early symptoms such as sickness or fatigue then they have hopefully started to pass , providing you with more enjoyment. During this time you will feel your baby kick for the first time and your growing baby bump will normally be visible during this time. You may begin to experience lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain (PGP) or pain at the front of the pelvis (SPD) this is all in response of your growing bay the extra weight you are carrying and relaxin (a hormone) you produce during pregnancy. You may have a change in your bowels including constipation. Your body is so adaptable it is simply changing to the needs of you and your baby.

Pregnancy & Postnatal therapies. pushingpram

Trimester 3 & 4

Trimester 3 (29-40 weeks) This is now the homeward straight, you have done amazing so far. You will meet your baby during this trimester so you may begin to experience excitement, happiness, maybe even be impatient. You may become a little tearful, worry about labour, doubt yourself, become anxious. During the last few weeks you may feel fed up, even a little disheartened if you pregnancy goes past your due date. Oedema (fluid retention) in the hands and feet are all normal symptoms, stretching sensations, sharp pains as your baby is preparing themselves. You may get Braxton hicks or real surges. Fatigue is normal as you near the end, you may even find your nausea or sickness comes back. You will get a change in hormones as your body prepares and initiate's labour. These are all positive symptoms as your body prepares for labour.

Trimester4 (0-12 weeks postnatal) Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Your labour experience would have created many emotions. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy these new times. Make lots of memories. Your hormones are changing as they prepare to bring your body back to its normal form, no longer needing to support you and your growing baby internally. However they continue to support you and your baby outside of the womb. You may feel a mix of emotions as these changes take place. Alongside your joy and happiness you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, down, frustrated maybe even anger. You may experience afterbirth pain as your uterus goes back to normal, maybe some discomfort from the positions adopted during labour or posture due to feeding. Remind yourself you are doing an amazing job, you really are.

I am a qualified antenatal teacher and pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher. I have written a number of self help sheets to support you during your pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Please visit the Self help page or please drop me a message.

Pregnancy treatments

* Pregnancy massage - Suitable during trimester 2 and 3 this wonderful massage is not only tension releasing but relaxing. The 30min treatments concentrates on your back, neck and shoulders. The 60min treatment is a full body massage which includes the face, scalp and feet. Allow 30mins - £30 60mins - £45

* Pregnancy reflexology - I am trained to treat during trimester 1, 2 and 3. Using the traditional reflexology method where the treatment is done on the feet this treatment is tailormade to help support your physical and mental symptoms. Not only providing a deep relaxing treatment it can help to support many of your pregnancy symptoms including nausea, fatigue, headaches, SPD, back pain, oedema, anxiety or digestive problems. Allow 50mins £40

* Preparation for labour reflexology - Suitable from 37 weeks. This treatment helps to support your body with the preparation for labour. Doing what your body should naturally do to prepare for labour - increase oxytocin levels, clean through the body, stimulate the uterus, increase hormone production including prolactin and relax the body, preparation for reflexology treatment works alongside your body to help to enhance this, this in turn may help with the onset of labour. Allow 40mins £40

* Pregnancy combination treatments - Suitable during trimester 2 and 3. This treatment combines the best of both - 30min massage and 30min reflexology - Allow 60mins £45

* 1:1 relaxation sessions - Please drop me a message for further details

Postnatal treatments

*Postnatal massage - Suitable from 6 weeks this relaxing massage not only helps to provide you with some well earned relaxation but can also help with the areas causing you a little bit of grief, posture being a common one. The 30min treatments concentrates on your back, neck and shoulders. The 60min treatment is a full body massage which includes the face, scalp and feet. Allow 30mins - £30 60mins - £45

*Postnatal reflexology - Suitable as soon as you feel well enough to leave the house. Using the traditional reflexology method where the treatment is done on the feet, this treatment can help balance your hormones, clear your body and help bring your body back to normal form both physically and mentally. You can even bring your little one if you choose. Allow 50mins £40

*Postnatal combination treatments - Suitable from 6 weeks. This treatment combines the best of both - 30min massage and 30min reflexology - allow 60mins £45

Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift. They can be purchased for a monetary amount or a specific treatment. Drop me an email to purchase.

Baby friendly

I am extremely proud to let you know that I am a baby friendly business. I know being a mum of 2 that its not always easy to get time for you. At Lavender Blue you are very welcome to bring little ones with you, all I ask is if you can be kind enough to let me know if you plan to do this, in preparation of my other clients.

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